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advisa Wirtschaftsakademie e.V. is a non-profit and non-political association based in Germany (Reinbek near Hamburg). The association registered in 1994 and has extensive experiences organizing conferences, training programs, workshops, and seminar on different topics including migration, integration, gender and digital education.

Our activities focus on the following topics: gender mainstreaming, migration and economics & business

We aim to further expand our activities in Reinbek and south-eastern Schleswig-Holstein from 2023. We aim to work with other organizations in the region.

The association is also welcome to be partner and jointly work with other organizations in other EU member states. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are wishing to discuss further collaboration with us. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in different fields, including economic development, gender, training, and project development.


We welcome partnerships with other organizations in European projects:

  • O-ID: E10162181 
  • PIC: 9154079169 

For Partner Information Form (PIF) please send a message with a short description of your idea: